Facts about 15th August that a Indian must know

Happy Independence Day. Now our country celebrating 72nd Independence Day. On 15th August our prime minister of India hosted the National flag at Redford and addresses the nation. Real how to read our freedom fighters struggle and sacrifice for freedom. But there are several exciting facts of Independence Day that you don’t know. Here are … Read more

The Youngest Wanderer and a Helping hand: Jaspreet Singh Monty

Most of the politicians can help the people around them for a particular period, but there exists a Youngest helping hand from Bidar, Karnataka, JSM ( Jaspreet Singh Monty ) who is known as the Youngest Wanderer or a Bike Enthusiast and the Backbone of Bhagat Singh Youth Brigade.                  With his wanderer team he used … Read more

Weather Checking Live App Download from App Store

This new era is definitely an era of advancement where you can find everything on the click. With this increasing technology, things have become so easy that for every little issue you can use your smartphones and find results. Nowadays people have a great interest in knowing about the weather of different places. Whenever we … Read more

4 Useful Apps for Android Phone from App Store

App store is an authorized inventory for customers to download latest or modified free tools from this archive for android. It regularly provides information to people about the introduction of new advanced tools for fast video downloading, content management, and current news updates. However, there is no limit to have more cost-effective tools to remove … Read more