Best Productivity Apps for Android

Productivity Apps for Android: In this world, around 60-70% are using Android device. Millions of Apps are developing daily and kept on updating the Google Play store. Eventually, Everyone gets confusion in downloading the apps for their work and personal use. For You people, here we are providing the best Productivity apps for Android 2018 that reduces your work and time. Let’s See the Android Application one by One.

Best Productivity Apps for Android

Actually, Some may have a doubt on “What is Productivity Apps?”. Find the answer in simple words. Productivity software is a category of application that enables you to create documents, graphs, worksheet and many more. Simply to say, it reduces the work and makes you work smarter with these apps. There are many categories of Application on the Google Play store and here you can find the best Productivity Apps for Android.

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OfficeSuite 8

OfficeSuite 8 is the Best productivity app for Android in terms of document creating, editing presentation and many more. By using the OfficeSuite 8 you can do a project on documents, spreadsheet, presentations. It also enables cloud storage services and the PDF Markup commands.

Office Suite 8 is available under two version as Free and Paid. In Free version, your access will be limited. As in the Paid version, you will give the complete access to the Officesuite 8, It costs around $19.99 per year.


Download OfficeSuite 8


Evernote is used to make your notes. Then you will think then “How come it became the Best Productivity Apps for Android?”. Yes, it is an apt question, but it has lot features in it. In simple notes, you can only write in that. But in Evernote, you can create multiple notes, complex lists, images and even Voice reminders.

Also, It enables you to send the content via Evernote by emailing to your linked account. It has it own Cloud-based service and accessible on WEB. It is available on Free and Paid Version. In paid Version additionally, you will get Offline Access, advance surfing, increased transfer allotments.


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Download EverNote


If you’re wasting your time in doing the same task regularly, then you might need this app. For an Example, If you are backing up your photos to Google drive manually by assigning the task it will automatically backup the Photos to Drive.

IFTTT performs the multi-task at the same time. Likewise, If you want to turn on/off the smart lights and the other IoT devices regularly. In Addition to the pre-built apps, Users can also build custom tasks from these applets and services, combining multiple tasks and triggers.


Download IFTTT

Google Drive

Google Drive – It is a Cloud Storage service that integrates with Google ecosystem. It has become the best productivity Apps for Android because of its Features in it. Users can easily download or upload any file and share the files easily to anyone. If two work wants to work on the same project you can share the work the file and work on the same project.

The COnfiguration has made easy to share files, create folder, quick access to files and details. It has Built-in features for viewing the documents, PDF, Photos, and Videos. It makes it versatile Cloud storage tool for Mobile.

Download Google Drive


Hope that you would got the best Productivity apps that could make your work faster and lessen your Time. Actually, Productivity Apps are made to reduce the hard work and do the Smart work. Nowadays, millions of apps are developed and all are not useful, so our Team decides to sort of the Best Productivity Apps for Android  and here are they. Just Enjoy Using the Productivity Apps on Android.

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