Download Netflix App: Watch TV Show & Movies Online

Getting late to the party but don’t want to miss your favorite show as well??  We have a solution for you just go and enjoy the party, Netflix will take care of all other things. Netflix is one of the most used and loved movies app.

It is the part of that revolution where smartphones and tablets have taken over the television sets. It has solved almost all your problems related to movies and TV shows. Though you need to pay the subscription price for the same but trust us its worth it. The kind of movie collection Netflix has you will not find with any other related app.

For those who are yet to take Netflix’s subscription here are some prominent features of the app that you can easily download from 9apps games download.

  • The library of movies is really sorted according to gu can watch movie according to genres. Now you can watch movies according to your mood, just click on the genre according to your mood and it will display the huge list of movies available in that segment.
  • Netflix gives you an option of deleting the history of movies you have watched. So now if you are guilty of watching any movie and don’t want anyone else to know it then just go the settings and delete the history.
  • Though it is not allowed to share your Netflix password with anyone but who cares about it we generally share it with our friends and family. After giving password it becomes difficult to keep a track as in how much and when you account is being used. Netflix app gives you an option to check all the account details. You can check when your account has been logged in and how many devices are using it. It also gives you an option of logging out your account from all other users.
  • It also gives you an option of downloading movie or show to watch while in offline mode. It helps to save lots of data.
  • It allows you to do data settings by choosing the quality of content you are watching.
  • You can customize the subtitles. You just need to go subtitle appearance settings and can easily change its font, color, size etc.
  • If you are not finding any movie or show that you want to watch, then Netflix gives you an option of giving suggestions. You can suggest the movies and shows that you would want developers to add in the Netflix library.
  • In case you plan to cancel your subscription, your activities, ratings, and suggestions will be saved for next 10 months, if you plan to rejoin then you can pick from where you had left. If not, after 10 months your account will be closed permanently.
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Conclusion: If you have a subscription to Netflix you need not worry about your weekend plans, just sit back and relax while watching your favorite movie or TV Show at vidmate app download the new version, and if you still don’t have it then download the same from the Netflix apk store.

                                 Download Netflix APK