Weather Checking Live App Download from App Store

This new era is definitely an era of advancement where you can find everything on the click. With this increasing technology, things have become so easy that for every little issue you can use your smartphones and find results. Nowadays people have a great interest in knowing about the weather of different places.

Whenever we plan to go to a hill station or some foreign land even we prefer using weather checking apps which clear us about the temperature which will be present at that time. These forecast apps are like a savior as people can keep clothes accordingly.

All thanks to 9apps which helps people to install these apps in a quick and easy method. Apps like Yahoo weather, Weather and Clock Widget and 1Weather Widget are there which you can choose and opt for 9 apps installed. In 9apps the process is easy and without hurdles.

Benefits of downloading these apps

You can know about the rainy day

Usually, people don’t carry raincoat or umbrellas with them. Sometimes there ie unexpected rainfall. So, in that case, we should make it a point to check these apps every day and carry the essentials along accordingly. This will save us from getting wet and facing other problems.

Plan functions accordingly

Whenever people think about the wedding and choosing the venue, the first thing they should do is that they check the weather apps from 9apps. By this people can know about the temperature of that day and even know if it will rain or a thunderstorm will occur.

After noticing this they should choose the venue accordingly. It shows the weather is unfavorable so people choose banquets and if the weather according to the forecast is pleasant, they go for big lawns and farmhouses.

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A trip to hill station can be a memorable one if you see the apps.

Once you go for 9apps install, you can see that the hill station you are going has a favorable climate. If it is going to snow you can take clothes accordingly.

Even you come to know about the favorable time so you travel according to that as if it’s going to snow in evening you can travel in the morning and be tension free while driving. These applications are like a protection for the people.

Farmers can get benefit from it.

These apps are a benefit for agriculture sector too. They can use the apps and know the exact time when rainfall will come.

So if the rainfall is on time, they do not need to go for other irrigation methods as the natures blessing will provide their crops with the required nutrients. Farmers should actually become technology friendly and start using these apps for the betterment of their crops.


Thus apps which explain about weather forecast is a great invention which saves people from problems which they can face in their daily lives. People should be made aware of them so that they can make the real use of it.