4 Useful Apps for Android Phone from App Store

App store is an authorized inventory for customers to download latest or modified free tools from this archive for android. It regularly provides information to people about the introduction of new advanced tools for fast video downloading, content management, and current news updates.

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1) App Lock Pro

Privacy should be prioritized as online hackers are notorious on the internet. Their kingdom is vast and you will have to safeguard your i-devices. This app lock pro blocks emails, text message sharing process and Facebook to ensure the good content protection.

This app lock pro will confirm better video security, and content protection. This system takes the impression of the fingerprint with a password to lock the inventory. Precious photo albums and downloaded videos are in safe mode due to the proper usage of this custom app lock pro.

2) Cache Cleaner

Do you need more data saving space on your android smartphone? Cache cleaner DU speed booster has the fast data cleaner to remove excess messages, files, and stored data to enhance the speed of the android.

Cache cleaner helps the android users to start browsing faster. It will make your smartphone in tip-top condition. Cache cleaner download is free. Android 4.0 version is required to support Cache Cleaner.

3) Antivirus

Antivirus band is naturally user-friendly to reinforce i-devices from an online virus. Anti-virus security & lite is one of the useful custom content security tools to optimize android phones dynamically.

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This online anti-virus software for protecting Android reduces the data loss risk. Get it free at 9apps with fast online guidance from experts. For the installation of this innovative anti-virus security and lite tool, you must need 4.0 version of the android.

4) Internet Speed Meter

Internet speed meter helps a guy to know how much data are used for online surfing. It reduces the browsing cost.  If you have limited broadband usage plan, you must control the online data usage during the online navigation. So Internet speed meter must be an instant guide to you to track the internet speed as well. At 9app, it is a very quick process for anyone to download the internet speed meter on android.

Regularly, experts post blogs and their comments about the different toolkits for android. This add-on checklist on the internet is free and you will be able to keep in touch with upcoming tools for you to download from this world famous apps storefront. Continue innovating android as per your specific requirements at this awe-inspiring apps repository.