How To Open A Fixed Deposit Bank Account

How to open a fixed deposit?


A fixed deposit provided by banks is a financial instrument that offers the investors a high-interest rate than the savings account. The other name for the fixed deposit is a term deposit in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the United States. A fixed deposit is a safe investment. Term deposits in India, Pakistan, and Nepal detonate massive investments with varying liquidity. The only necessity for the fixed deposit is that an individual cannot withdraw the amount until the maturity date. Few banking sectors offer additional services such as providing loan against the invested fixed deposit.

Opening a fixed deposit

The following points will provide information about opening a fixed deposit in State bank of India.


  1. An individual can log in to his or her account online using the login ID and password provided by the bank.
  2. From the homepage menu, the individual can select e-fixed deposit tab from the menu options.
  3. Upon selecting the option, appears that will display three options – fixed deposit, fixed deposit under multi-option deposits and income tax savings scheme. One can choose the particular choice depending on the requirement. For instance, one can opt for the fixed deposit, and then press the proceed button.
  4. If there are multiple accounts linked to the online banking account, the user will have to select the preferred account to debit the amount and create a fixed deposit account. After selecting the account, the individual can enter the amount. If the individual is a senior citizen, ensure to tick the checkbox of “senior citizen” option. Banking institutions offer higher interest rate for senior citizen in case of fixed deposit.
  5. If the user wishes to receive the interest at maturity, they can opt for “STDR” where the bank reinvests the quarterly interest. For those who wish to receive the interest quarterly, they can select “TDR” feature.
  6. If the user selects the STDR option, the system will ask for the tenure of the deposit. Users can choose the fixed deposit tenure in days, months, years, and maturity date. If the individual has a specific time on the mind, they can opt for the maturity date or else proceed with the years/months/days option.
  7. Selecting the deposit tenure for TDR is similar to that of STDR. They can choose the number of days, years/months/days, and maturity date. Depending on the requirement, the user can opt for the specific feature.
  8. The bank also provides the additional opportunity for auto-renewal of the principal and interest received or repay the interest along with the principal. If the investor wishes to continue with the fixed deposit, they can choose auto-renewal option to acquire additional wealth in the form of interest and increased principal amount. For those who wish to receive the amount back into the savings account, opting for “repay principal and interest” is advisable. At the event of the maturity date of the fixed deposit, the institution will follow the instructions as provided by the user and proceed accordingly.
  9. As the interest rates fluctuate according to the market conditions, it is preferable to go through the interest rates before accepting the terms and conditions and submitting the application. The interest rates change for the domestic terminal, NRO term, and NRE term. If the rate offered by the bank is attractive, one can accept the terms and condition and press the submit button to create the fixed deposit account. The bank will produce a confirmation along with a reference number. Also, sbi login provides you great options to invest.
  10. It is essential to note down the reference number for additional communication in the future.
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