ISRO Is Going To Launch Chandrayan-2 In March 2018

Till now ISRO had been launched 100+ satellites, by which ISRO had chasing the whole world and now ISRO is going to launch another historic satellite.
As everyone knows that ISRO had launched “Chandrayan-1” in 2008 and now launching “Chandrayan-2” as a humanless satellite( Rover ) on the moon.
The main point to launch this satellite is to study the whole moon in more preciously and effectively. This satellite includes a Rover ( A machine which walks on the moon to investigate it properly without human ), one Arbiter ( It is a spacecraft which rounds the moon in a regular manner ) and a Lander for landing Rover and Arbiter.
Time: – Takes 14 days to complete the Sail.
Budget: – This Satellite is having the weight of 3290Kg with the total spending money of 600 Crores.
Did you know?
On the first attempt of Chandrayan-1 ISRO had discovered a liquid Magnum ( magmatic water ).
Next Project: – In 2019 ISRO is going to launch Aditya L-1which is based on the study of Sun.

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