A Old Mam Satish Chand Covered 1500 Km In Search Of His Lost Son Godna.

Have you seen the boy? Please see the photo and inform if u have seen?

A Old Mam Satish Chand Covered 1500 Km In Search Of His Lost Son Godna.
Source: Times Of India

This is what an aged person Satish Chand is asking people about his son, who has been lost 6 months ago and he is about 11 years from past 5 months his father has used to ride on a bicycle to find his son. Till now Chand has been covered 1500 Km but his son didn’t get.

Chand who is from Hatteras, UP had search for first 1 month in his district only. And gone through with police station but haven’t got any response from police and he decided to find his son himself and goes around to find him and till now he hadn’t returned his valley.


“ June 24 ko mere beta godna  paas ke pathshala ko gaya tha, usko padhai ki jyada dhyan nai tha uss din raat tak vo ghar hi nai aay ath isliye gabhrake maine hi paathshala ko niman diya aur wha ke shikshak se pucha to ve pehle hi gaya hai bol gaye. Aisehi koi anzaan admine ne bola ki godna ko railway station par dekha hai to maine bhagte hue dekha to waha koi bhi nai tha” Said Chand.

After that, he had spent four days there to find his son and on June 28 visited nearby police station but police officers declined to accept his FIR. But Chand didn’t give up and asked, again and again, to have an FIR, at last, the police officer filed and set it somewhere, after disappointment in the police station he decided to find himself and gone through to find on a bicycle.

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Chand has travelled Delhi to Kanpur and Haryana to revari and covered 1500 Km and showed his son’s photo to thousands of people but haven’t got much response.

After some days when Chand reached to barhaan, Yetmadpur their the people seen Chand and his bravery situation and someone informed this to the Child Cooperation President of that valley and the president helped chand by tweeting to the police department of UP and this has crowded and goes to the PM app.

Many people said that your son will not be back but chand haven’t loosed his faith and moved on. Previously chand has lost his two elder children. Still, Chand has spent his son’s photo all the where. And have a faith that one day his son will definitely come back.