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Pipl: Meaning and Explanation

Pipl which is also read as ‘People’ is a United States based company found in the year 2005. It is a data-based company, tech-savvy company that does the most unusual thing that we could imagine.



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Meaning of Pipl: –

As stated above pipl or ‘people’ is an Internet-based Data Company, it manages the profiles and data of various people in the states as well as all over the globe. Now, before you think that it is specific to some people let us tell you that ‘the pipl’ is basically a search engine for searching for people through their email addresses, contact phone numbers and even social handles (profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites) etc.

In other words, you can find any person with the help of their email address or phone number or social media handles. There is no need to go into more complex methods to find a method to contact a particular person. Simply put their email address and pipl will display a ton of prospective results (people) by the name or work location etc.

With the help of pipl website you can contact your old friends, family members etc. all those people with whom you have lost touch.


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How is it done: –

The next biggest question about this company is that how does it manage to have the data of over forty billion people on a single platform. Who gives them this data etc?

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As stated on the company’s website, they collect data through millions of online as well as offline sources to add to their ever-expanding database, as you are reading this article pipl’s database have grown significantly by thousands of new additions.

Data is added with the help of registrations done on the website by the people and can also be added to LinkedIn and other such sites. Email subscriptions, as well as newsletter subscriptions, are also used.

Uses of Pipl: –

Coming to the uses. Why does a company maintain the information of people? What is the use of all this? These questions will be answered below.

Pipl basically provides businesses and companies with the data it stores which further help them in the process of marketing and email marketing, advertising, surveys and developing according to the consumer want etc. Customer information plays a major role in the success and intellectual marketing of a company and pipl plays a vital role in this process.

It further provides products and services to the companies like User identification to save them from frauds and confirming the data of the particular person before the sale is made etc. Establishing connections are also undertaken.

The most used product is the ‘people search engine’. As the name suggests ‘people search engine’ helps you to find different people with the use of their name, email address, phone number etc. It is a great way of getting back into touch with loved ones as well as expand business too.

You can simply head to their website and search for any person with an email, social profile, name or even a contact number and press enter. You will be presented with tons of results and contact details can also be accessed after a simple request or registration.

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Pipl Privacy of your data: –

The company follows a special ‘Privacy Shield Certificate’ in which it follows correct rules and regulations to keep the customer’s data it processes safe and protect it from falling into wrong hands.

It has special standards and levels which is to be abided by the third part agents if they wish to access the data and further provide adequate protection promise.

Data Subjects (the people) who have their data listed on pipl have the right to limit the use and limit the disclosure of their personal data. You can email them about the same on and provide data about your contact and username.

Pipl Feedback and Contact: –

You can provide your feedback to the site by clicking on the small peeking banner which appears on the side of the screen and rate as per your satisfaction.

CONTACT US- You can connect with the customer support team anytime you like by clicking on the contact us tab and typing in details like your email address, issue and the message that you want to convey.