Top 5 High Quality Wireless Headphones.

Some people live for sound. They go further than others. They go where nobody has ever been. They do things that nobody else has done before they are ready to find the boundaries of sound.

  1. Bose QuietComfort 35:-

The Bose QC 35 look Virtually identical to the original it’s a designer that could be seen as either primary or annoying I think the simplicity makes very beautiful. The advantage of a predominantly plastic build is red you end up with very light headphones the Bose QC35 weigh 234 gram, wild aluminium clad black and white PX way 335 gram it’s not a lot but over the course of a long haul flight, it does make a difference.

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Of the best wireless and noise-cancelling headphones, we tested boxes still the winner when it comes to comfort it has active noise cancelling and optional wired connection with Google assistant. Attach Bluetooth and 24-hour life battery that phone is the black and grey colour available with hard carry case with aeroplane adaptor.

At rupees, 29363 QC 35 sit family at the premium end of the spectrum, but if you want to the best noise cancelling headphone available and the best wireless pair of can we can get any better than this

  1. Sennheiser momentum wireless:-

The new via Momentum 2.0 and this wireless model Sennheiser has made the ear cuffs a little more prominent so that fit our ears butter and don’t pinch anything, the designs also made the ear Cup softer.

One of its Bluetooth capabilities that is Bluetooth version 4.0 the moment virus also features active noise cancellation and near field communication step to pair Technology for the compatible device, infection, and its conservation.

Like a lot of Ached tooth headphone and speakers, the model and build in voice prompt delivered by smoothing female voice. Which isn’t too heavy is always on there on switch to battery life is still quite good after 22 hours the noise cancelling worked well in streets of New York and the integrating microphone which is dual Mike’s

But for those that can afford them they are a no hold barred wireless headphone are using with the positive qualities there comfortable hard working of set off at phone they will likely last of the price for this is 32519.

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  1. Bowers and Wilkins:-


The Bowers and Wilkins wireless offers impressive build quality, excellent comfort and smooth, creamy sound in an over the ear headphone design. Wireless operation is nearly flawless, battery life is good, and a premium carrying case is included.

Sound quality is rock solid for this type of cans without sensory desorption clarity issues or apparent flows in Bluetooth, or wired listening find that we Empires and bases are a little off-putting to them. The wireless arent  Studio cans. They are made sound good for casual listening. The P7 wireless does tend to sound. After 50 years of doing so, they have got a snack for it additionally closed back headphones tend to like the capability to fool your senses into thinking you’re standing among the band.

The P7 headphones are available at a price 26900.

  1. Plantronics backbeat Pro 2:-

The Plantronics backbeat Pro 2 perfect for a Bluetooth headphone is comfortable to wear and offer decent noise cancellation and high battery life. It performs very well as the headset for making cell phone calls include carrying pouch and is an overall excellent value.

At moderate volumes, the headphone 40 mm dynamic drivers handle trouble and midrange well. Heavy voice and Jazz piano tracks are nice and smooth. Maximum amounts are impressive, but the backbeat pro two headphones did begin to struggle once, and I cranked them passed 80%.

Backbeat Pro 2 offers an excellent travel headphone with incredible better life Supreme comfort the ability to pair two devices ones and most importantly good sound quality for the cost. Its price is 13490.

  1. Sony MDR 1000X:-

The driver unit is 40 mm, and dome type is voice coil. It’s a magnetic type is neurodynamic, its sound quality is about best with sensitive when connecting wire the headphone cable with the unit turn on with 98 decibels, the cord length is approximately 1.5 m silver coated OFC strands its plug is about gold-plated l shaped stereo Mini plug. Its price is about 23900.

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