Asia’s cleanest village-India’s Mawylynogg (Meghalaya)

Mawylynnong Villlage

Isn’t it amazing this is very beautiful ever look of the village has made us fresh? The commendable! So, guys, this is our India. Mawylynnong is not only India’s but Asia’s cleanest village. The village head Tomlin say that villagers are into cleanliness since many generations. Their ancestors have not only taught them the advantage of cleanliness but also the importance of keeping the environment clean.

 Mawylynnong Village

The one who maintains cleanliness keep away disease. The in the year 2003 Discover India Magazine awarded Mawylynnong as the cleanest village in Asia!

 Mawylynnong village roads photos

The people of the Mawylynnong village play an important role in the cleanliness of the village. The dustbins are made up of bamboo you will find them in all corner of the village, ever body loves cleanliness in this village.

 Mawylynnong village photo

The solar penal light re an ideal example of electricity conservation is also a clean energy source. As it is Asia’s cleanest Mawylynnong village it’s obvious to grab some tourist attestation. The tourist who later is asked to give some donation for its cleanliness to make n arrangement of cleanses.

Henry and his team are clinchers of the cleanliness.each and every morning Henry’s team come together they sweep the road they clean the village because it’s their habit to maxillae clean.people are enjoying to be here the tourist like to come here.

Asia's cleanest village-India's Mawylynogg (Meghalaya)

Dried leaves and flowers are collected in a pit and turned into a manure. N about two years leftover food like rice and vegetables is feed to the pig outside the village. Most of the houses have a soak pit the village council has ordered the house owners who don’t have a soak pit in the house to make one soon.

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Asia's cleanest village-India's Mawylynogg (Meghalaya)

In India, it is the only village where each and every house has a toilet. Whenever a new house is being built in this village it’s mandatory to build the toilet before the house gets construed. The residents of this village have been following this custom this since last 24 years.