How to Avoid Buying Fake Antiques

How to Avoid Buying Fake Antiques

Where there are antiques that are highly appreciated by people, there will be fakes to try to scam people out of their money. Keep yourself scam-free with these tips in order to avoid buying fake antiques.


  • Check the Seller’s Identity


Verify whether the person is actually an authorized seller of antiques. In order to determine this, check their permit, as well as their website. You can also ask others about their reviews on the seller to see whether they have good reviews or not. Previous customers of the sellers would be able to determine first hand whether they work professionally and whether they are indeed authentic antique sellers.


  • Look for Trust Marks


Trust marks or trust stamps signify that the seller or company is actually authentic when it comes to selling antiques. These can be seen on their websites when you look for it online. This is important when it comes to online purchases in which most people tend to end up getting scammed into buying fake items. The company that hosts the seller’s products would be the one to determine whether they are indeed certified and trusted sellers and distributors.


  • Check the Product Picture


Authentic sellers are capable of producing good quality and professional pictures on their online selling sites. This proves that they are capable of handling matters professionally. If the photos have problems with their product pictures like having only certain parts of the item posted, low-quality photos, blurry shots of the items, and much more it may be an indication that the item is fake.


  • Ask Questions
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Some online sites make it possible to ask sellers and distributors questions regarding the products they are selling. Make use of this and as many possible questions from the seller. When it comes to authentic antique dealers, they would be highly knowledgeable about the items they are selling so if they answer with uncertainty on a number of things, it would mean that they have no idea what they are selling and it may be fake.


  • Check the Price


Usually, some scammers would make use of promotions like discounts and lower prices on their fake antiques in order to get people to buy them. Make sure that you compare the price with other antiques of the same category in order to make sure that they are relying on their pricing. If it is too high or too low, it is possible that it is a fake product.


  • Seek Help from an Appraiser


Antique appraisers have studied antiques and would be able to determine whether an item is fake or not. They would compare data from the internet and official sources in order to confirm whether the item is fake or not. They would also look for different marks that a number of producers back in the day would mark on their products.

With these tips, you would be able to keep yourself away from antique scammers and prevent them from taking away your money. Visit our site by clicking here >> Syl-Lee Antiques | Antique Dealers to find out things about antiques and different types of antiques that scammers can replicate and fake.