Importance Of Diwali At Present

Importance Of Diwali

Diwali is one of the most colourful sacred and loveliest festivals of the Hindus. It is celebrated every year with great joy and enthusiasm. Throughout the country, Diwali is also known as Diwali. The Sanskrit word depa means light which brings the light in the human beings. It is also known as the festival of lightImportance Of Diwali At Present


We all celebrate this festival, we all clean our homes and shops. It is the great occasion where all the relatives meet at a particular place and enjoy the wonderful festival. We make sweets on this occasion. It is just like a new year for all of us. Where we start with a new session in our lamping.

                                                                                                                  Importance Of Diwali At Present

We enjoy the festival. But it is necessary why we are celebrating. This festival brings



Importance Of Diwali At Present


Importance Of Diwali At Present


This festival has a great history. This festival is celebrated after the Dasara. When the god Rama killed Ravana then we celebrate the Dasara. When it is time to come back to Ayodhya. Lord RAMA and Sita return Ayodhya after 14 years exile. And also we do pray[pooja] to the god Laxmi. On this day we are lighting our homes and shops. I ancient the people use to say that the homes which are more lighted that can be easily seen by god Laxmi and use to come home without any darkness. It is the mythological festival for us.

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Importance Of Diwali At Present

Importance Of Diwali At Present


This festival is not bounded only for the Indians .but its spreads the whole world .even other countries like China, Japan and also other countries use to celebrate the Diwali .once again the Indian culture rules the whole world.


On this occasion, we use to burn the crackers to enjoy. But it is harmful to us and also for others. By cracking we are not just playing with our life but also with other life. We don’t have to do with others. It causes harm to us but also others.

Importance Of Diwali At Present

Recently by the research says that on the occasion of Diwali the 50% of pollution occurs by the crackers. We have to shame on us.

Importance Of Diwali At Present

By burning crackers, we get different colours. these are the some of the colours which cause pollution.

Importance Of Diwali At Present

» by the green colour means it contains BARIUM. it is a radioactive element

» when we get blue colour on the burning of rockets, it contains copper which causes cancer.

These are some diseases caused by the burning g the crackers-

»  chronic bronchitis

»  common cold

»  allergic bronchitis

»    sincusties

»    emphysema

»   rhinitis

» pneumonia

»  laryngitis

We all are educated persons but even though we know all about this but we still burn crackers on this festival. Friends, I request you to don’t burn the crackers on this year. By that money, we should help the poor people by giving them sweets or books on this years.

Importance Of Diwali At Present

It is in our hand to keep the atmosphere clean and unpolluted.

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Importance Of Diwali At Present


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