Amazing…! Person Arts On Rice Grain And On Hair

Tell me.How many words can u write on a page? Fine let’s assume thousand but there is a person in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Mr.surender Kumar, he is so famous that seven times in the Guinness world recorded. Mr.surender always wanted to do something different.

Amazing...! Person Arts On Rice Grain And On Hair

He got an idea while reading Guinness book of world record he realized his ability, and what his capability so that he felt miniature about writing so he thought to do it and by god grace, he successfully achieved that.

Mr.surender writes on a single grain of rice and he set Guinness world record for writing 1749 characters on a single grain of rice, by the way, miniature art begins the in the area around Rajasthan first in the 10th century but when Mr.surender began the miniature art on the rice grain.

He had faced a lot of troubles. In the first attempt the rice used to break or by mistake, the grain of rice would be lost.before he realizes his hard work goes into vain. In these time his family members also told him by saying why he is wasting money.

By the god, grace government honoured him with many medals and prizes. After holding a rice grain with a needle he fine turns the thinnest brush and uses it lens plays an important role too such precision writing requires a control over breathing, that’s the reason he learnt YOGA as well, as he would hold his breath up to last 2 minutes as well.
Amazing...! Person Arts On Rice Grain And On Hair

he wrote about 249 characters on human hair at Jaipur, he had tried writing on posted stamps too.Mr.Nehru 3 speeches and thoughts that are an averagely sized notebook of 18 pages he has written all of it of it, that on a 19.6mm into 17.8mm postage stamp. Mr.surinder future plans are to create smaller than 1mm Geeta Quran or Bible.

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