Why To Support China Boycott?

Today we are proud to say that we are Indian. But, it is time to prove we go one step back. We all about our history of India. Here, where the genius is born:-Boycott.

Why To Support Bycott?

We know about the monks of India. Who is the god of other countries? The Bodhidharma,  he was the son of palava king simhavarma in palnadu (present in AP). He knew the knowledge about the medicine and kung-fu, but we all don’t even about him. But he is the god for other countries. People of China built a golden statue of his.

From our old years the Indians who helped the other nations. The excellent kashyapa samthit is an Indian book and it was translated into china language. It is about the paediatrics, gynaecology and obstetrics. And another book was kumara tantra Ravana which deals with the children diseases even it too it was translated.

AT OLDEN DAYS India is known as sone ki chidiya wherein those centuries India was the richest and developed nation comparing to other countries. But at present we all forgot our ayurvedic medicines and history about it at present we depend on China products.

China is the developed country and armed country. They established their nation by transporting their products to another country. By these, they destroyed the industries of that nations.

Even in India on the occasions of festivals like Deepavali, we use to take the cheaper crackers which belongs to the china wherein these sulphur contain is more because of these it pollutes more to our environment which causes too many diseases but by knowing these all things even we neglect them and move through with China products.

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Many industries have been collapsed due to the china products. By taking china products, we are destroying our industries, economic income. It is a high mistake of all Indians.

Even in village coat of Obra panchayat in Aurangabad, Bihar on 8th October 2016 had banned China goods and products. Also, Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) had organised a demonstration in Bhopal against china products.

Being an Indian we request for the whole nation to take only made in India products, its prices will be more compared to China, but it returns us to another method. But when we take China product it helps to develop China but not India. By taking our products, we all become a member of developing India.