Few Questions You Must Know That Science Have Not Even Answer.

Science is like a miracle because since the birth of the many humans or life science has given an answer to many questions. This much of great science have failed to answer few questions and everyone has a different opinion about these questions but if to prove questions the opinion is just not enough the science has to show a strong evidence and proof for that. The questions which I am going to discuss now for these questions the science have not given any proof and solid evidence. If you want to know these questions come on let’s begin

10. Is there a God?(Science)

Few Questions You Must Know That Science Have Not Even Answer.


According to science, our universe has formed 1370 years ago by a small blast. How does that blast occur? How was the universe before that? The Science has not answered it till now. It has also not answered that How the First living organism was formed? So some people say that God is the reason for all this. Is that God who created all this is there or not? The science has not proved it and it also not disproved it.

9. Why do we dream?

Few Questions You Must Know That Science Have Not Even Answer.


In the olden day’s people believe that dreams are the Gateway between the God and the earth but as the technology grew up this reason was scientifically rejected. The man named Fluid in his theory said that our wishes which we have come in the form of Dreams. In the dreams we see some strange images but why this strange type of images come in our dreams? the science has not explained. Our brain is like an advanced computer but we don’t know many things about it. We forget your dreams and few dreams can never, be forgotten? Why this happens the science has not explained it. If in a single day we learn many things then there is a chance of getting more dreams and in a research, it has been proved that If we learn less there is a chance of getting fewer dreams. At present, there are many theories which explain why we get dreams but there is no clear-cut answer to this question.

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8. Is there a way to live indefinitely?

Death, it comes to everyone from a pet to the human being it is common to all everyone dies one day. This is a thing which hurts so many of the people do not talk about this. Since many years The scientists are you doing many Research’s to prevent the death or to extend the life of the living beings. They are not considering the death as a natural phenomenon but they are considering it as a disease and they are trying to find a medicine for this disease. The man named Re cards is taking 150 vitamin’s per day so that he can live for many years. Thinking that As he can increase his Immunity and stop the disease called Death. So for this question, only time can decide the answer.

7. Are the humans only intelligent lifeforms in the universe?

Few Questions You Must Know That Science Have Not Even Answer.


This is the very important controversial question in the world. Some people say that the aliens are really existing and some other say that there are no aliens. No one knows his belief is correct in between these people. We can’t say that there are no such living beings like human race does not exist. In 1 trillion galaxies,10^(36) planets the environmental conditions can be there. As I can say that there exists the environment in which human beings can live in In our own Milky Way galaxy and 500 million planets in it other than the earth. So on those planets, the aliens may exist but we have not got any proofs that the aliens exist.

6. What happens after we die?

Few Questions You Must Know That Science Have Not Even Answer.


If there exists the biggest question in the universe which have not been answered that might be this what happens after we die? Scientists say that the death has two stages 1) clinical death (when Heart stops functioning) 2)When other parts of the body stop functioning

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but what happens after the death? Has been left out as a ministry for the researchers. Some people who have experienced a near-death experience said that when they have died they had lost their all senses and they have also seen their dead relatives but they were not able to show a solid evidence for what they have said.

5. Could we wake up after 200 years in the future?

Few Questions You Must Know That Science Have Not Even Answer.

We have seen Cryonic preservation concept have been used in many Hollywood movies. The human body is preserved under many liquids at very low temperature for restoring after 200 years by new Medical Technologies. We can preserve many insects and other things by this method. Dr.Dayank said that to store human body it needs very complicated cryogenic Technology even to store a human brain it is highly difficult. The scientists are still doing research on this but at present, there is no technology to preserve our human body. In future, it may surely come.

4. What is the purpose of Life?

Few Questions You Must Know That Science Have Not Even Answer.


Why do we live here? What is the reason for our birth in this world? We all know that these questions do not have an answer. But at least once everyone has thought about these questions. Maybe the purpose of life is that the God might want to show us the world. A scientist named Jeremy said that “life is connected with the fundamental law of nature. We cannot create or destroy energy there might be loss of energy somewhere in the world as to the replacement of it the living beings have been created and there is no such particular purpose of life” we might not get answer for this question forever

3. Do ghosts exist?

Few Questions You Must Know That Science Have Not Even Answer.


To prove that the ghost exists and to do research on them many Ghost Hunters have developed and using some machines like electromagnetic field detectors, electronic voice phenomenon, ionic detectors, thermal imaging, etc. But they are unable to prove that the Ghost really exists or do not exist scientifically till now. In a survey, it comes to know that 60% of the people in India believe that the Ghost really exist. If the doors closed automatically or if they miss the keys or if they hear small sounds and they say that these are all done by the goats. A survey made by Dennis says that because of all the small reasons people say that the ghost exists but no one had seen it really with their naked eyes. So saying that the ghost exists is just a belief but there is no scientific reason or proof for it.

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2. How does gravity exist?

Few Questions You Must Know That Science Have Not Even Answer.


Without floating into the air if you are able to walk comfortably on the earth that is just because of the gravity. If there that does not exist gravity all the planets in the universe have been colliding with each other long ago. How have this gravitational force come? Some scientists said that the gravitons are the particles which are responsible for the gravity. But they are unable to show a solid evidence for it. The sun has a gravity that is the reason why our planets are revolving around it. The gravity is a force which we cannot see with our eyes but there is a no answer for how this gravity exist?

1. What’s at the bottom of the black hole?

Few Questions You Must Know That Science Have Not Even Answer.


According to science, the black hole has gravitational pull at the huge amount that it can’t even live the light to go back. The light does not get reflected that is the reason why they appear in black. Everyone knows that what is a black hole according to Einstein the black hole gets compressed until it gets the size of the indefinite particle. Some scientists say that this black hole is a connection between the two universes.

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