Importance Of Blood Donation.

We all get a number of years on this planet, but not all of us give back to this planet. This is the high time when we should stop being mean and actually give back to the world:-blood.
It only takes one bold decision to stand out, to make an actual effort in making this world a better place.

So, what can you do?

The first thing you need to do in your lifetime is doing things which sail your life’s boat and doesn’t sink anybody else’s. Do what you love with compassion and lead a life in bliss.

Importance Of Blood Donation.

You did your part, some people didn’t if you are wondering how can you help them, well then there are Donation Services, Non-Governmental Organizations which are working day and night to protect people.

If you are wondering what else can you do then, you should surely enrol yourself in Blood Donation Campaigns. By doing so you are not only giving back to the world but also saving the handful of lives and Nothing is more valuable than human life. It is also healthy for the donor.
Blood donation can prevent deadly diseases like cancer, bleeding disorders. Chronic anaemia, Sickle cell anaemia, etc.

And If you are not convinced to donate blood, Read the benefits of blood donation written below and We believe they will certainly change your mind.Importance of Blood Donation

Benefits of Donating Blood –

1. Regular Blood donation helps in reducing iron overload in the body.
2. Blood donation also helps in lowering the risk of Cancer.
3. Blood donation has been proven to maintain an and Healthy heart as well as a healthy Liver.
4. Regular Blood Donation helps with weight loss process.
5. Blood donation stimulates the blood cell production, which helps in maintaining good health.

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These are some of the benefits of blood donation which can help you live a better life, the benefits to the recipients are numerous. And The eligibility for blood donation, well you just need to be at least 18 years old and Your body weight should be more than 50 Kilograms. Anybody can donate blood, and for Donating blood on a regular visitor you just need to maintain a gap of two months in between your donations, during these two months, your body will replenish the blood levels in your body.
We hope these points were enough to convince you to donate blood and help create a better world.

This article is contributed by Pranav.