Formation Of Universe, The BIg Bang Theory

what is the meaning of Big Bang
Every story has a beginning as the same our universe also has a beginning. About 1370 crore years ago mysterious things put our universe into motion in the form of a blast. This blast is the reason for the birth of all the stars, atoms, galaxy, etc. This is your story my story and all our story. This BigBang theory contains the information about the creation of every single thing.

As commonly we might know about our sun and earth. Our Earth rotates on its own axis 24 hours a day and revolves around the sun for about 365 days a year. Our Sun always contains hydrogen and Helium in it. Exercise temperature is about 10000-degree Fahrenheit. It converts about 70 lakh tonnes of hydrogen into 60 lakh tonnes of helium every second just to give light to us. The sun, the earth, The Other 7 planets constituting together we call it a solar planet. What solar planet is not stationary in this universe it moves about 214 kilometres per second which is present in the milky way galaxy.

what is the meaning of Big Bang

The milky way galaxy contains 20000 crores of stars, In this 600 crores of stars a planetary system like our solar planet and there are 12500 crore galaxies these all constituting together forms the universe. This universe keeps on expanding, so if we move 2000 years in the feature the universe will be much bigger than now and if we move a bit more in feature ( like about 4000years) the universe will be much bigger. So you may have noticed that our universe size is increasing with the time by this we can say that how are yours was smaller than now a few years ago so as you go in the past the size of our universe goes on decreasing. Now let’s go to the past for about 1374 years ago now the size of our universe was smaller than the size of an atom. Suddenly something has happened to it (yet the scientists don’t know what must have happened) that particle had undergone a large explosion. So here the question arises that what is the meaning of Big Bang.Big=large & Bang=explosion so BigBang means large explosion. Everything in this universe like sun, stars, Galaxies, etc are found by the same explosion.

what is the meaning of Big Bang

The year count may have started just now but it has been about 380000 years ago the explosion happened. Now, this universe is totally filled with hydrogen in about 30000 crore years the temperature has been reached to 180 lacs degree Fahrenheit. Then the hydrogen atom started combining to form the Helium atom by releasing energy. This conversion of hydrogen to helium and releasing very much of energy at the same place starts to glow as it forms a first star in the same process the billions of stars have been formed. Then does Helium atom started combining to form than other elements like Lithium, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, etc. Not the same stars started exploring which lead to the formation of the heavier elements like Uranium, gold, copper, etc. So all the elements in the periodic table are existing in the form of stars. So in the same process on the other elements and stars have been formed as like in that process and the big star has been found which is our Sun. Sun is filled with the hydrogen dust for 99% due to this hydrogen test gravity have been formed in the sun. Due to of that gravitational force all the stars near the sun started revolving around it. Our earth is also one of these stars.

what is the meaning of Big Bang

In the beginning, our earth was totally filled with the Lava and very much of heat at that time 6 hours on the earth was equal to one day. All the heavy particles on the surface went deep into it and formed the gravitational force on our earth. The lighter particles on the surface formed magnetic lines around the earth this magnetic lines protected the earth from the heavy heat of the Sun. So, in the same way, the earth started to cool down by revolving around the sun. Now the age of our universe is 920 crore years at the same time a Mars sized stone hit the earth due to which some of the dust from the earth went into the universe which on revolving around the earth formed a moon and that is the reason why we are slightly tilted. Due to the extreme heat of the lava, the vapours have been formed which on going into the sky started to rain which leads to the formation of water on earth. In the same water, the first living being has been formed which was very small like our universe in the beginning. 250 crore years ago small living being started to use the sunlight as power. When the living being took the sunlight as the energy which gave out the oxygen as a waste product. This oxygen was the main reason for the formation of next life forms.

The water mainly contains the elements of iron when the water reacts with iron it gets rust. These rusted material used to deposit in the bottom of the sea which later formed a big rocks/islands which we now use them as iron ores. In this period the plants and other organisms used to live only in the water. All the released oxygen used to go up in the air and formed as an ozone layer which is protecting from the dangerous radiations from the sun.

what is the meaning of Big Bang

The organisms from the water slowly started to come out of the water. Now they can live both in water and on land and we call them as amphibians. Small plants started growing on the land. Later on, they died and gone deep under the soil which we now get as cold. Then after the dinosaurs have been formed.then after an asteroid is said to be hit to the earth which leads to the end of dinosaurs. All the contents used to be joined at that time. Then after the Africa and America got separated in the same manner other continents have also been separated from one another. The first human is said to be born in Africa. This process continued and lead to the formation of our human life.

This was has been explained by the Big Bang Theory in a scientific way. And according to Puranas (Garuda Purana), the universe is said to be formed by the Lord Vishnu.

We hope that you got the answer to your question what is the meaning of Big Bang.

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